Website: My main place for all my art. Kind of my central hub, where everything expands from.

RedBubble: Buy a postcard and write someone a letter to make them feel better. Buy a pillow and make yourself feel better. 

MFA 2013 Thesis : The official copy of Eric Dyer’s 2013 MFA Thesis @ California College of the Arts. I use random everyday shit to make work about issues surrounding intent, interpretation, the implication of those object’s use in art, and where we get our information.

SF / NY Art Scene: atatART is a publication with an emphasis on discussing and discovering establishing and up-and-coming artists in the San Francisco / Bay area and New York City. atatART also covers global events and a few established artists.

Teh Internet and teh Art: An essay in response to the 2013 #ArtPadSF Tumblr Arts Symposium on the function of digital and new media in online spaces, as well as how material-based artists interact with that space.